The School of Education
The Center for Educational Leadership and Accountability
Oakdale Campus
Oakdale, New York  11769

Dr. Patricia A. Griffin       

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
--Ernest Hemingway

The Digital Portfolio
The Essential Components of 
Educational Leadership at 
St. John's University

EDU 5743

EDU 7701
Research & Development in Innovative Instruction 

EDU 5571
Management Science
EDU 7801
Creation of a Digital Portfolio

Policy and Politics
EDU 5420

EDU 5721
Collective Negotiations in Education

EDU 5741
Economics & Financing of Education

EDU 5103
Research Methodologies
EDU 5650

EDU 7900
Qualitative Research in Curriculum
EDU 5655
Educational Research and Data Analysis I

EDU 7211
Educational Research and Data Analysis II

For the viewer's convenience, the doctoral courses appear on every page under their respective essential component:  Leadership, Management Science, Policy and Politics, Organizational Theory and Research and Methodologies. 

My digital portfolio is divided into five areas or folios:  

Personal-The personal folio of my digital portfolio is dedicated to my family; my husband, son and daughter have supported my ambitions and dreams unconditionally.  

Professional-The professional folio of my digital portfolio ooutlines my professional life, my resume and my philosophy of education.  

Learner-The learner folio is the crux of my digital portfolio which provides the reader with the highlights of my course work, papers, presentations, reflections, syntheses and articles that I have engaged in throughout my time at St. John's University.  On the left, the courses are listed by semester, but on the Learner Folio Page, the courses appear in chronological sequence to depict the story of my journey. At the bottom of each page, click on the link to proceed directly to the next course as it occurred over the past two and a half years. 

Expert-The expert folio of my digital portfolio demonstrates how I applied and shared the knowledge from St. John's University to my professional leadership and organizational skills with administrators, teachers, staff, parents and community. 

Scholar-The scholar folio of my digital portfolio r
eflects my preliminary research  readings done during my courses, which assisted in my direction toward a possible dissertation proposal. 
"Eagles commonly fly alone.  It is the crows, daws and starlings that flock together."  John Webster

The digital portfolio represents an educational journey. The digital portfolio is part of the requirements for my doctoral degree from the Center of Leadership and Accountability, at the School of Education, St. John's University, in Oakdale, New York. 

It is an ongoing learning tool, an educational journey that I continue to reflect upon, in order to assess and evaluate my educational leadership skills and capacity.  

I continue to apply my learning to all aspects of my current career as a central office administrator and look forward to revisiting my digital portfolio as my educational journey continues.

My metaphor, the starling, is a theme that emerged on the course of my doctoral journey. 

As I engaged in my course work and research, my metaphor evolved from a salmon swimming upstream, to the starling whose various species have survived natural and man-made barriers; the starling has been able to spread its wings and  influence all over the world. 

It is my intent to weave my educational metaphor, the common starling, throughout the components of the digital portfolio and coupled with my love and passion for fiction and non-fiction,I have linked quotes from theorists as well as authors. Welcome to my digital footprint.  

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